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Anne's recent curatorial projects include: Performance Presence/Video Time at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, 2015 and Doing Feminism/Sharing the World a three- month artist-in-residence program on collaborative and participatory art at the Norma Redpath House and Studio in Carlton, 2017-18.

Doing Feminism / Sharing the World is a practice-based residency project including collaborative groups from across Australia. It explores participatory art practice and collective collaborations across three-months of residencies, performances, artists' talks, seminars, screenings and a cross-generational mentoring program with a focus on collaboration, participatory and public projects informed by a feminist ethics that address the theme ‘sharing the world’. The program seeks to address a range of questions: What does it mean to ‘do feminism’, rather than ‘be a feminist’? How do differences intervene in our relations with each other? What does it mean to ‘share the world’?

The project aims are to investigate the impact of feminism on contemporary Australian art and to critically interpret the history of feminism and its influence on the ways in which Australian society views representations of women across cultural differences. Hundreds of women will have the opportunity to contribute to the project, revealing the roles and interactions between gender, race, class and ethnicity. This process is designed to give voice to complex positions, highlighting different interpretations rather than a unified point of view. The project plans to combine the source material collected through the national workshop program with scholarly methodologies to provide a diverse and noisy cultural picture of Australia and its women.

Video Time - the video exhibition will explore various genres in performance art through single and dual-screen video works and installations at AEAF and the Adelaide Central School of Art. It will include documentation of live events and performance made exclusively for the screen. Performance Presence - the performance program will accompany the gallery-based exhibition, bringing together artists across generations with a focus on new works and delegated performances You had to be there - 1 day Symposium Friday May 5, Bradley Forum UniSA Chaired by Nicholas Tsoutas scholars and curators will contribute papers and illustrated talks that tease out the critical issues and the material forms of performance art in the last twenty years. The symposium asks speakers to address the issue of 'liveness' in performance and whether or not one had to be there to truly appreciate the essence of the performance

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