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Anne Marsh

Anne Marsh is a contemporary art historian, independent researcher and art critic. She has held professorial positions at The University of Melbourne and Monash University since 1999.

Professor Anne Marsh

Biennale of Sydney, 2016

Her books include Doing Feminism: Women's Art and Feminist Criticism in Australia (2021), Performance Ritual Document (2014), LOOK: Contemporary Australian Photography, since 1980 (2010), Pat Brassington: This is Not a Photograph (2006), The Darkroom: Photography and the Theatre of Desire (2003) and Body and Self: Performance Art in Australian, 1969-1992 (1993, Kindle edition 2015).
About Me

Anne Marsh is a contemporary art historian and critic.

About Anne Marsh

She was editor with Melissa Miles and Daniel Palmer of The Culture of Photography in Public Space (2015). Anne has published widely in journals and magazines, and has been Melbourne contributing editor for Eyeline Contemporary Visual Arts since 1997.

Recent curatorial projects include: Performance Presence/Video Time at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, 2015 and Doing Feminism/Sharing the World a three- month artist-in-residence program on collaborative and participatory art at the Norma Redpath House and Studio in Carlton, 2017-18.

She has received generous support for her research from the Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, the City of Melbourne and the Australian Research Council.

New Book
New Book

Doing Feminism

Women's Art and Feminist Criticism in Australia

Doing Feminism represents over 220 artists and groups with 370 colour illustrations punctuated by extracts from artists' statements, curatorial writing and critique. Tracking networks of art practice, exhibitions, protest and critical thought over several generations, Marsh demonstrates the innovation and power of women's art and the ways in which it has influenced and changed the contemporary art landscape in Australia and internationally.


2021 VCA
Art Forum

Anne Marsh Discusses her new book Doing Feminism: Women’s Art and Feminist Criticism in Australia.


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Image: Justene Williams, Two Fold, 2016 (performance still) Image by Andy Nowell
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