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Professor Anne Marsh


Anne Marsh is a contemporary art historian and critic.

Anne is Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne's Victorian College of the Arts.

Art Guide Australia Podcast


FEM-aFFINITY #3: Anne Marsh on doing feminism

Produced and presented by Tiarney Miekus. Engineered by Patrick Telfer. Music by Mino Peric.

What does it mean to do feminism rather than be a feminist? In the third and final episode of our FEM-aFFINITY podcast, feminist critic and art historian Anne Marsh explains the idea of doing feminism in Australian contemporary art, from the 1970s to now.

For over four decades Marsh has been researching and writing at the cross-sections of feminism and contemporary art. As a leading academic in this field, she’s currently undertaking an expansive research project titled Doing Feminism which, consisting of events, residencies and a soon-to-published book, looks at women, feminism and art in Australia since 1970.

In a very insightful conversation Marsh discusses feminism in the arts from the 1970s to now, and reflects on how female, marginalised and neurotypical artists can also be activists. Marsh further talks about why artists with a disability have been on the periphery on the art world, and how the Western art canon can be expanded to include the true diversity of 20th and 21st century art making.

This podcast takes its name from an exhibition with the same title: FEM-aFFINITY is also a collaborative, female-led show that first began in 2019. It features a series of collaborations between seven female artists who practice from Melbourne’s Arts Project Australia, a studio and gallery for artists with an intellectual disability, and seven female contemporary artists.

FEM-aFFINITY is a nationally touring exhibition and will soon show at Riddoch Art Gallery at Mount Gambier in South Australia. Exhibiting artists include: Bronwyn Hack, Cathy Staughton, Dorothy Berry, Eden Menta, Fulli Andrinopoulos, Heather Shimmen, Helga Groves, Jane Trengove, Janelle Low, Jill Orr, Lisa Reid, Prudence Flint, Wendy Dawson and Yvette Coppersmith.

Biennale of Sydney for Brown Council


Performance Art and Feminism, Circa 1970-1985

Biennale of Sydney for Brown Council

Defining Moments: Post-Object Act in Australia and NZ with Anne Marsh

In this lecture feminist art theorist and writer Professor Anne Marsh discusses the influential 1976 exhibition Australian & New Zealand Post-Object Art: A Survey — the first major exhibition curated by the Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, and its legacy for experimental art in Australia today. This is the final lecture for 2019 in ACCA's to-year series 'Defining Moments: Australian Exhibition Histories 1968–1999'. The 2020 series will be announced shortly on our website here:

AEAF Lecture at Adelaide Central School of Art


Performance Art and Video Performance

The University of Queensland Art Museum


Daphne Mayo Lecture
Contemporary Australian Photography Since 1980

In this lecture Anne Marsh will introduce a range of practices, themes and issues that have arisen in the world of art photography over the last thirty years. Drawing on her recently published book – Look: Contemporary Australian Photography since 1980 – Anne will consider the critical and curatorial agendas which intersect with practice and look at the ways that artists themselves engaged with particular issues and themes. The dialogue between conceptual art and documentary, the discourse on the gaze, the would-be predatory character of the photographer, and the interrogation of identities of race, gender and place will be considered. Anne will conclude with some comments on recent debates about the medium in a digital world and showcase the archival website that accompanies the book.



Anne Marsh discussing her book LOOK: Contemporary Australian Photography since 1980.

Look represents over 150 artists with more than 400 colour plates of photographic artworks exploring themes such as: identity, life, experiment, space and environment. Each image is accompanied by a short explanatory text with details of the artist's preoccupations and methodologies. The book is the result of many years of research by its author, who is recognised for her work in this field. The second part of the book is dedicated to a series of scholarly essays tracing major developments in the art of photography. These, together with the extraordinary array of images, bring to readers what must be one of the most comprehensive collections of photographic and photography-related art ever analysed within the contemporary art context. These features, along with a detailed timeline covering significant exhibitions, publications and events from 1980, make this major publication essential reading for all who wish to grasp the essence of art now and the role photography plays within it.

Mira Oosterweghel

Re-enactment of 'Taped' 1975.

Re-enacted by Mira Oosterweghel - October 2014 at MUMA and at AEAF for PP/VT April 2015.

Ritual in Performance Art

Professor Anne Marsh introduces the works of several artist who work in this area and to provide some case studies and analyses of specific performance events.