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Professor Anne Marsh

The University of Melbourne

The project aims are to investigate the impact of feminism on contemporary Australian art and to critically interpret the history of feminism and its influence on the ways in which Australian society views representations of women across cultural differences. Hundreds of women will have the opportunity to contribute to the project, revealing the roles and interactions between gender, race, class and ethnicity. This process is designed to give voice to complex positions, highlighting different interpretations rather than a unified point of view. The project plans to combine the source material collected through the national workshop program with scholarly methodologies to provide a diverse and noisy cultural picture of Australia and its women.

About Anne Marsh

Anne is Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne's Victorian College of the Arts. Professor Anne Marsh's research areas include:

Photography, Performance Art, Feminism and Postmodernism.

Latest Projects

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Professor Anne Marsh
Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts & Melbourne Conservatorium of Music
The University of Melbourne
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