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Professor Anne Marsh

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Doing Feminism:

Women’s Art and Feminist Criticism in Australia

Publication Date
August 31 2021
The Miegunyah Press - A special imprint of Melbourne University Publishing

Doing Feminism represents over 220 artists and groups with 370 colour illustrations punctuated by extracts from artists' statements, curatorial writing and critique. Tracking networks of art practice, exhibitions, protest and critical thought over several generations, Marsh demonstrates the innovation and power of women's art and the ways in which it has influenced and changed the contemporary art landscape in Australia and internationally. The images and texts are curated by decade and contextualised to provide a broad analysis of art and feminist criticism since the late 1960s. The result of many years of research in the field and the archive, Doing Feminism reproduces essays by key protagonists involved in the critical debates and theoretical positions of the day, including curators writing on exhibitions that signalled major change, especially for Indigenous artists. This extraordinary work presents one of the most comprehensive collections of material ever compiled on women and the arts in Australia. Marsh guides the reader through the struggles, contestations and achievements of women and feminism in the visual arts and argues that this is the doing of feminism with all its differences. It will become essential reading for years to come.

'The Wammettes', Women's Art Movement performing group at the Experimental Art Foundation circa 1980.
Nat Thomas, re-appropriated Real Estate signs for Doing Feminism/Sharing the World at Norma Redpath House and Studios summer 2017-18.
International Women's Day March, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, 1979. Photo: Anne Marsh
Anne Marsh, 'Letters to the State', foyer of the Union Building, University of Melbourne, for Women at Work - a week of performance art at the Ewing and George Paton Galleries, 1980.